DNV GL Certificate

DNV GL Certificate

Quality management system ISO 9001 Certificate

ULTRAKRAFT IQ NET CertificateULTRAKRAFT ISO 9001 CertificateULTRAKRAFT GOST ISO 9001 Certificate

Certificates of measuring instruments

Свидетельство об утверждении СИ ULTRAMETRIXCertificate of measuring instrument for ULTRAPLATECertificate of measuring instrument for ULTRATUBE
Certificate of measuring instrument for UT system for bars & structurals inspectionCertificate of measuring instrument for ULTRAPIPECertificate of measuring instrument for ULTRASLAB

Type approval certificate of measuring instruments - ultrasonic thickness gauges "TOH"Type Approval Certificate of Measuring Instrument - Sets of Models of Defect Measures "UKM-ULTRA"Type Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments - Automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems ULTRAPIPE

100 Best Goods of Russia awards

Ultrasonic testing system for seamless pipes ULTRATUBE - 100 Best of Russia Award 2015Ultrasonic testing system for seamless tubes ULTRATUBE - Diploma of New-designed product 2015Ultrasonic testing system for plates ULTRAPLATE - 100 Best of Russia Award 2013
Ultrasonic testing system for plates ULTRAPLATE - Diploma of New-designed product 2013Degaussing system for metal products ULTRADEMAG - 100 Best of Russia Award 2012Ultrasonic testing system for welded pipes ULTRAPIPE - 100 Best of Russia Award 2011UT system for welded pipes ULTRAPIPE - Diploma of New-designed product 2011


ZAO ULTRAKRAFT (Ultrakraft, JSC) is a russian engineering company. The main professional field is development and applying of advanced solutions in the field of nondestructive testing and automation.





ISO 9001-2008

Reg. No. RU-13CK03.00288

ISO 9001




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