100 best Goods of Russia

100 Лучших ТоваровGoods of Ultrakraft were awarded the diploma of program "100 best Goods of Russia 2011"

On the basis of the public interest and the need to ensure a high level of quality and competitiveness of Russian goods and services, as well as the aims of the program "100 best Goods of Russia" the management and the team of Ultrakraft assumed voluntary responsibilities to ensure the stability of quality and to keep the current high the level of consumer-oriented characteristics of the goods.

"100 best Goods of Russia" has been realized for 13 years by The Academy for Quality Problems and the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology. The program has established a recognized in Russia competition opened the way for various goods to the domestic market. This goods have won the honorable right to be called the best.

Now Ultrakraft has the right to use the logo of the program in information and promotional purposes and to place it on the packaging of goods according to the Regulations and results of the program "100 best Goods of Russia" and on the basis of the signed declaration.


ZAO ULTRAKRAFT (Ultrakraft, JSC) is a russian engineering company. The main professional field is development and applying of advanced solutions in the field of nondestructive testing and automation.




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